Advice Networks

60 minutes
What you need
Visual mapping tool
Advice Networks are about creating a social network map that highlights where expertise lies and how it is shared.


  1. List out who you interact with in the course of your work.
  2. Optional: specify how you interact with them.
  3. Once a complete list of names (across a department or team) has been compiled, examine the list.
  4. Mark the people who you receive advice or support from, and about what.
  5. Mark the people who you give advice or support to, and about what.


The resulting map may be different to formal channels of professional development.

It may also highlight discrepancies around how "useful" individuals think they are. For example, a study within a higher education environment revealed that some people who didn’t see themselves as particularly knowledgeable were actually named by many others as a source of advice, information and support.