Transform Your Work

Transform Your Work

Understanding your workplace is a key step in the journey towards changing it. This toolkit is a collection of approaches, step-by-step guides and historical examples of worker organising. You can use these tools to create knowledge about your own work, power hierarchies, class relations, and capitalism more broadly, all from your own perspective. The goal is not just to describe your working conditions, but ultimately to transform them.
πŸ› οΈMethods

Methods are specific ways of conducting the Research πŸ—ƒοΈApproaches above. Each method leads to different kinds of knowledge. Some are more appropriate than others, depending on the kind of job or specific workplace. Feel free to be creative in applying them to your situation.

πŸ” Examples

Case studies of workplace organising, from historical examples to contemporary stories of organising, campaigning, and workplace transformation today. They include the tools and methods used, such as example interview and survey questionnaires.


Some suggestions of digital and analogue tools that may help you conduct this research.