60 minutes

What you need

Paper and pen, visual mapping tool

Map-Making is about exploring different understandings of a workplace. This can be done alone or with a group of co-workers. It is valuable to record the accompanying narrative as you create the map/s.


  1. Draw a map of your workplace. This can be done individually. Otherwise, you can also present an outline map on which participants can draw and write.
  2. Provide prompts and questions to explore different focuses, e.g.
    1. Technical aspects of work

    2. Do you leave your desk/workstation?
    3. For what purposes? 
    4. Where do you spend breaks, have your lunch, talk to other workers?
    5. Deeper questions

    6. Are there areas of your workplace in which you are not allowed to be?
    7. Are there areas of your workplace in which you are not comfortable?
    8. Are spaces associated with hierarchies or power relationships?
    9. Are there gendered spaces?

The development of network technologies like GPS and mobile means it is possible to generate digital data (e.g. courier and delivery studies) but again it is the accompanying narratives that are important in understanding the patterns they describe.