60–120 minutes

What you need

Smartphone or audio recorder, meeting space

Duoethnography is a collaborative research method in which two or more participants discuss anecdotal and personal experience and connect it to wider cultural, political, and social contexts.

Duoethnography is a conversational research method, not only between people but also their perceptions of cultural artifacts such as photos and combined with other methods such as πŸ“·Photo Diaries.


  • Values the personal and experiential, giving space to interrogate and re-conceptualise existing beliefs or thoughts.
  • Removes the hierarchical relationship between researcher and subject.
  • See your own experiences through another worker's eyes.
  • Gain insight into workers' current perspectives on an experience or issues.


  1. Choose participants.
  2. Trust plays a very important role in this method, so carefully choosing participants who share a trusted relationship is key.

  3. Record the discussion.
  4. Note the similarities and differences of experiences.