Photo Diaries


1-5 days

What you need

Camera or smartphone

This method is about capturing and reflecting upon your working conditions. It can be done alone or as part of a group activity.


  1. Take a set of photos which represent your work. Think about why you choose them. For example, you could record your typical day or more focused such as taking 5-10 photos which capture your working life.
  2. Examine and reflect upon these photos. What do they tell you about the power dynamics in your workplace? How about the working conditions?
  3. If this is a group activity, ask participants to select 10 or so photos from everyone's collection that best represent the workplace. The discussions around the selection process may be as interesting as the photos, so you might want to record.
  4. You could also try a ‘collective biography’ activity to write accompanying captions or narrative for the photos.
  5. You can also use these photos as prompts during 👥Interviews.